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Gwalior Call girls and men do not always agree on what constitutes pleasurable sex. Intercourse that is pleasurable to one partner may not be so to the other due to our different anatomy.

Gwalior call girls frequently lose in this sex satisfaction battle. “Intercourse itself appears to be designed really for giving the man pleasure,” says clinical sexologist and licenced marriage and family therapist Deborah Caust.

There is, however, hope in the form of relatively simple sex positions, which Caust has specially curated with Gwalior Call girls desires in mind.

Of course, none of this matters without foreplay (oral sex), proper lubrication, and communication, but combine any of them with that trifecta, and you’ll be well on your way to having great sex. Remember that some positions, such as anal sex (rear entry) and deep penetration, can be painful for women, so take the necessary precautions to ensure that she is both emotionally and physically comfortable with deeper penetration.

Here are some Sex positions, you must try:

Doggy Style with Gwalior call girls

The traditional posture known as “doggy style” has the receiver often on their hands and knees as their partner enters from behind, either anally or vaginally. Fleming asserts that doggy style is ideal for high-sex encounters because it permits deeper rearward penetration. Additionally, it’s flexible because you can both be on your knees, have one partner stand over the bed, or have both of you stand.

Edge of the Bed Sexual Position with Gwalior call girls

Due to its propensity for deep penetration, this position is a common preference among both men and women. The male enters the Gwalior call girls from underneath her legs as she is lying on her back with her hips near the edge of the bed.

She can choose to rest her legs on his torso or lay her feet on his chest, giving her some control over what angle feels best.

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Wheelbarrow with Gwalior Callgirls

Wheelbarrow entails the recipient wrapping their legs around their partner, much like doggie style but more forcefully. Starting in the doggie position, you can achieve this position by lifting your legs back and up and wrapping them around your Gwalior call girls back with their assistance. Fleming continues, “You’re guaranteed thorough penetration, and it’s a fairly nice workout for both of you.”


Consider assuming the lotus sex position, or yab-yum as it is known in tantric practises, when the time comes to slow it down. One partner crosses their legs and sits up straight while Gwalior call girls sits on top of them, straddling them, and wrapping their legs around the back of the first partner. t’s fantastic for intimacy, according to Fleming, since “you can synchronise your breathing” and engage in eye contact. Additionally, it requires more grinding than thrusting and is a slower posture, which might aid with stamina.

69 with Call girls Gwalior

There’s a reason why the 69 is a tried-and-true oral sex position. Both partners can take pleasure in satisfying their mate while also enjoying stimulation. According to Fleming, giving and receiving at the same time can occasionally be a little distracting, but if you want to stick around longer, that might not be a bad thing. It’s sustainable, and the teasing element has merit, Call girl Gwalior continues.

Spooning with Gwalior call girls

Try spooning as a different strategy if you want to slow things down while maintaining the heat when you’re feeling weary or close to finishing and want to keep going. While spooning, you can experience vaginal or anal penetration, and Fleming claims that this position is excellent for G-spot stimulation. Because you can truly take it leisurely and savour the intimacy of this cuddling position, this one makes sex linger longer.

The Amazon Sex Position with Call girls in Gwalior

Be aware that this position needs some more work and flexibility up front, but it rewards the Gwalior call girls by giving her a lot of power. The man lies on his back and puts his legs to his chest to assume the Amazon pose.

He then squats down onto the Gwalior call girls, his legs encircling hers. This position can also be modified by having the lady stand opposite her partner or kneel over them.


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