Why she doesn’t want to have Sex?

“Why doesn’t she want to have sex?” is a frequently asked question in couples therapy. This is sometimes the question that brings a couple or an individual into therapy in the first place. Of course, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to any question, but I can share what I’ve learned as a couples therapist that may be useful to you if you find yourself on this blog.

Women are frequently labelled as having little to no “sex drive.” This term is frequently used to describe a lack of desire to engage in sex or forms of eroticism.

A cycle can help us understand women’s sexual responses. It all starts with willingness. When the situation feels safe (which is different for each woman), she can choose to be open to an organic sexual experience. Second, once she is mentally open, her body will be more willing to be aroused. She can make the conscious (and excited) decision to want sex once her body has been aroused. If she gets stuck in her head during any part of the sexual experience and isn’t present, the cycle may have to be repeated. Improve sex drives with Nasik call girls and Escorts Nasik.

The brain is the body’s largest sex organ. Without a conscious decision to be open to letting go of control and allowing for an organic experience, the desire to have sex is often lost. Many women are bombarded by a self-inflicted never-ending list of to-dos in their heads. Unfortunately, this frequently includes the perceived stressful obligation to have sex, which intensifies the desire. Women are frequently so “busy” internally that they rarely have free time to ask themselves what they want to do. Women have a tendency to get stuck in their heads and put a lot of pressure on themselves to do more, which eventually limits the space in their lives.

To begin, we must exercise caution when using the term “sex drive” to describe the desire to have sex with Call girls Andheri, and recognise that our sexual desires are far more complex than the spontaneous biological urge to orgasm. When we use the term “sex drive,” we mean that we HAVE to have sex and that if we don’t, there must be something wrong with us. We are biologically programmed to drink water, eat food, stay warm… to simply survive. The catch is that no one has died as a result of not having sex, so we should be cautious when using the term “sex drive” to describe the desire to want sex.

When sex becomes difficult for her, it may indicate that there is a significant imbalance in her life. For example, there may be no space for Call girls Raipur to feel free of responsibilities, and she may desire to feel more emotionally close to her partner. She may also be uninterested in sex because she is unaware of her own body and sexuality. She may dismiss her own sexual needs in favour of putting everything else first, which is frustrating for both parties. You can work together to create an intentional space for the context to line up and support an organic sexual experience without the pressure when both people can communicate more honestly.

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